Wednesday, 30 August 2017

WALT to retell the story of splasdown

this is a i movie to retell the story i did this i movie with my buddy viraj.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

WALT sequence map for a bees life

me and viraj did a sequence map for the bees life we got all this information from a book.

WALT compare and contrast map

i made a compare and contrast map of bees and wasps.
i like the way I did the overall statement
next time i should use more infomation

Sunday, 6 August 2017

WALT The colossal flying creature

The colossal flying creature

Screech! The sky pirate’s ship screeched to a halt like he had just seen a dinosaur walking past him in the sunset sky. In amazement, the sky pirate looked up and then something grabbed his attention. He thought the ship was talking to him. “pew pew”. A blue bird with dark eyes was gliding calmly across the glowing sky. The sky pirate looked overhead. He was stunned. What should I do? He wondered. He was determined to jump downward on one of the dark blue colourful bird. But at the same time he thought could just attach the rope around the colossal bird. “Pew pew” the bird disturbed his thoughts. The giant bird flapped its feathered wings as it swooped towards the small wooden ship. In shock, the pirate could only stare as the massive creature got closer and closer. After thinking for a very long time, he decided to pounce onto the creature’s back. The sky pirate was nervous that he might miss. So at the correct moment, he closed his eyes and jumped onto the creature with a heart full of hope. He breathed a sigh of relief when he landed softly onto the creature dark feathers. “Hopefully I will go back home. Who knows?” He wondered. “Pew pew” the bird cried telling him to go home.

I like the way you described the animal and what it is doing Good Job!

me and viraj made this writing by watching a video our class broke it out in paragraphs and we had this paragraph.