Tuesday, 28 November 2017

WALT Write a information report

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As the smallest bear in the bear family, the Sun bear is located in the tropical rainforest of Southeast Asia. While most bears need to hibernate in Winter, the Sun bears don’t need to as the weather never gets frigid enough.Unlike other bears, the sun bear can climb trees making it very unusual.Their fur is black. On their chest there is a yellow and orange horse shoe shaped arch. The Sun bears eyes are blue.

Like many animals,these Mammals eat a wide variety of foods like insects and grubs.Sun bears are omnivores.Being an omnivore is to eat meat and plant.Its favorite food to eat is honey.A skilled hunter,the Sun bear is able to climb trees to catch their delicious food.The Sun bears diet consists of eggs,honey fruits and small animals such as rodents.

The Sun bears reproduction process is very interesting. Female Sun bears are able to reproduce when they are 3 years old and a year later Male sun bears Reproduce. The Sun bears babies are also called honey bears . Their average life expectancy is 25-30 years.

The Sun bears gets captured  by a mammal with two legs. Do you know who they are? Well, they are humans. People hunt Sun bears for body parts and medicine.They try to go up trees to avoid death but there is a 75% chance that they won't survive.

The sun bear is located in the Tropical rainforest of Southeast Asia.The female Sun bear are able to reproduce when it's three years old.it's the smallest bear of the bear family.It can also climb trees in the rainforest.Its predators are people they hunt them for medicine and body parts.


Tuesday, 14 November 2017

WALT describe an animal in the picture

I promise it's not what it looks like.I was in a running race but i coughed really loud and flew up in the sky. I could not get down because I was on a speedy aeroplane window sill I jumped down and glided with my one wing and past the finish line.See i didn't cheat.

Monday, 13 November 2017

WALT The BFG's dream

The BFG’s dream

This dream is about i is winning the lotto. Finally won the big money ‘Wow’ I was dansing with joy what could i do. My stomach was filled with bats I bought 3 things a lambogini aventidor that was red and had alide lights. It was special and a huge mansion that had a swimming pool and a whole football stadium “it was really big.” It had 5 stories, the ketchen had 8 sinks enormous pantries and own bodyguard with suits and black sunglasses. I was living the dream and was the popular. This was amazing until My mum called me for school.

By Kishan

WALT Descibe the setting

Purpose: to describe Audience: Peers/blog buddies
WALT use a range of descriptive vocabulary
Write one paragraph to describe the setting - The cliffs/rocks, the waves, the sandy beach, the wild grasses.
Remember to edit and uplevel vocabulary. Have you used a range of sentences?

The Huge Waves

The huge dangerous zig zag waves grabbing people left right and centre what were humans thinking.The rocks were hard and steep and were higher than the clouds.If someone went in the salty “yuck” water they would never come back nor their family would be sullen.The sand was dry and golden and was going in people's eyes and mouths it was “gross.”The green grass was bright and holding hands together and adore life.Who dares to go in the water.

The water was freezing it was like touching ice with your bear feet.Green grass was soft and smooth I could sleep on this grass.I was shivering and holding my arms on my shoulders because I was very bitter. The sand felt hard it was like a boiled egg.

I like the way you added a lot of description. Next time you need to uplevel your vocabulary. - Sherlyn

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

WALT to describe the setting

The rusty Bridge

The curved bridge grabs over the quickly flowing icy river, joining the two freezing banks together. A shivering stick man was naked and frozen as a statue.The shiny snow was freezing and looking at his family on the other side of the bridge.

The wind blew angrily and sounded like a wolf howl in the distance. As the snow splashed into the river you hear the birds chirping and the seagulls cooing.A mouse scurried into the picture with a fox pouncing in behind. You could hear the mouse squeak and the fox sniffle.As the fox and the mouse scuttered over the tattered bridge you could hear tree branches breaking off

I felt the place was mysterious and abandoned

Good job: next time try and add more description and put a space after your full stops however I really liked the way you described the animals!-Gabrielle